Monday, September 19, 2011

The Return of the Part-Time Photographer

Yes. It's that time again. Another trip out west has been planned and there is even a new camera purchase in the works... The Sony NEX-5n. As good a time as any, I suppose, to make another post to this now two years fallow blog. I never planned to be absent for so long, but that's the way it goes. You get busy with this or that and the next thing you know... we'll, you know what I mean.

Anyways, I bobbled for weeks on whether or not I even wanted to purchase a new camera, it's not like I really need one. But in the end I had the free cash and I wanted one... so there. I ordered the damn thing. However, it's currently hung in Amazonian limbo awaiting their stock of the camera to arrive--weeks after many other camera specific stores have started shipping. Oh well, it will be a wait and see on whether or not this purchase goes through. If confirmation isn't received soon I will have to cancel and order elsewhere.

But enough of that. The image accompanying this post is from several weeks ago at the local zoo. Not my favorite place to take pictures but I can't help carrying the camera when I go. Who knows, I might get a nice shot that doesn't look too much like it was taken at the zoo. This shot turned out OK. The tigers were terribly hot (over month of mostly 100 plus days) and this one is hanging out in a cooling pool doing his best to beat the heat. I like his expression. Kind of sums up how I feel about this camera thing...

This years adventure will be just me and my bro, hitting some of the high points of New Mexico. We plan to take in quite a variety of things while we are there, including Carlsbad, White Sands, Acoma Pueblo, Canyon de Chelly, A ride on the Durango Silverton Railway, and a host of other things. We have so much planned that the week we have to spend there will not be enough.

Also plan to take in some great eats while we are there. We have already lined up a few famous places, including the Owl Bar in San Antonio and Chope's in La Mesa. And there will no doubt be many more along the way.

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Andreas said...

Hey, cool, wow! Welcome back :)