Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Movin' Right Along

I would not be misrepresenting myself to say that I never intended to be away from my blog for so long. It just worked out that way.

No matter. I'm back, sort of, and soon hope to get into the swing of regular posts again. Just how regular remains to be seen.

My photographic efforts remain rather uninspired, but I am working back into it slowly.

The image presented today was actually captured back in May at a local festival. I was just sitting on a bench digesting my latest gastronomic adventure from one of the many barbeque vendors, and I was continually struck by the range and diversity of the footwear passing by. Once I decided to get the camera out, I snapped several dozen shots before the light went flat.

This was my favorite of the bunch. The footwear is normal enough (some were not) but I like the "in-step" feeling I get from it with the two sets of feet moving in unison.

I'm off on a week-long kayaking trip soon to the Buffalo River in North Arkansas. I'm hoping to get at least a few good snaps along the way.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support.