Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've been remiss...

In most everything I do I have been remiss, of late. Except for work. This is the one area that has been getting the lion's share of my attentions.

Oh well. And so it goes.

Today's pic is another oldie. I have some pics of limited merit on my camera, but I'm not excited enough about them to copy them to the PC just yet. So for now I hope you enjoy this image of a friends cat. I forget his name, but he is a loveable piece of work. Always willing to pose for the camera.

One good thing to report is that I will taking some time off of work soon. Planning a trip in September to the Canyonlands. I won't be there for as long as I would like (such as, months) but it should be a blast nonetheless. Details later.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Morroccan Carvings

Well, so far as I know theyr'e really Morroccan. I snapped this last summer at Epcot in the Morroccan village. It's one of many pics from that vacation taken with the Canon s30. I didn't want to carry a DSLR... and frankly I was glad I didn't. Theme parks and loads of camera just don't mix well, imo.

It was my second time at Epcot, I first visited back in the mid ninety's, and I must say the experience was a lot more enjoyable the first time around. Last years visit was ok but it was plagued by crowds. Lots and lots of people. So many, in fact, that it made moving around the park a full-contact physical chore.

We had a much better time at Busch Gardens. It was busy, but nothing like Epcot. My brother and I took a chance and payed and additional fee to join this guided roller coaster tour for the day, rather than take our chances with the lines... what a deal that turned out to be. It was well worth the cost. Our group wound up being downsized due to a family of "no shows" so was even smaller than normal, and our guide proceeded to put us at the front of the line for every roller coaster there... and they have a bunch of them.

I suppose I'm reminiscing on last years trip because there won't be one this year. (boo-hoo) Besides, I'm overdue for a post again and the month is getting on.