Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Magic of Disney

Old Post Alert! This entry was started in 2010 after my Disney trip and saved as a draft, but published in 2012. So to say its out of order is a bit cheap. It's way out of place in this blog and I just want to make sure any readers were aware. It would be different if I were posting regular and threw in an oldie, but I havn't been. And I thought I could get away with it inserting itself this post into the old time frame in which it was started. Nope. That only works for the immediately preceding post. So, the following is what was penned, with only a few revisions, in 2010.

It's been a good long year since I last ventured a post. Haven't felt the need I suppose. And in many ways I still don't, but there is that nagging something... a distant grumbling feeling that I get whenever I look through my bookmarks and see "TrippingonThrough" just sitting there all lonely and abandoned. It makes me wonder, is there not something I feel compelled to blab about? Some pic or interesting idea I need to share? Some point of fact on the previous years events I wish to record for the generations?

Um, not really.

Truth is it was fine year. Nothing overly dramatic or insightful but a fine year nonetheless. With my free time I was much more oriented around music than pictures again this time around... I wonder if there is a cyclical swing to be mapped.... and will the blog last long enough to tell? Anyways, far too much effort was put into pursuing the magic of the high-end audio sound. Not that this is a bad thing. I like it, the wife hates it, and on the cycle goes.

Disney, though, was a great break from it all. I got to see Epcot for the third time and finally came away from the place feeling as though I had had enough. If I never see it again I will not mourn. If I do get out to see it again I will feel as though there are secrets left to plumb that I have only to discover. Win. Win.

Until next time.